Heavy containers

20 ft. containers can take a great deal of material, in fact it may happen that the containers become too heavy for truck mounted cranes. For this type of heavy container we have a solution: the side-loader system.








Sideloaders with crane

Some of our trucks are equiped with a crane which can work together with a side-loader system to lift 20ft containers up to 26 tons.

The greatest benefit of this system is the fact that the crane is still able to load or unload other loads than the 20ft container. For lack of space, the containers can also be stacked on the work. We have 4 trucks with crane which may be equipped with a sideloaderarm.

40 ft. containers

You need to move a 40 ft. container, but it is too heavy for a normal trailer?

We possess the necessary side-lift system, which can pick up 40 ft. containers with a maximum weight of 33 tons.