Jan Kees Boer Transport B.V. is in possession of the following workplatforms:DSCF0428

Telescope-, Spin-, Articulating-, Scissors- and a Workplatform trailer.


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Trailer-Platform (H30)

A quick and simple-to-handel workplatform. Easy to transport and then immediately useable. The platform runs on gas or electricity.

Work height: 12,0 m
Platform height: 10,2 m
Max lift: 200 kg
Own weight: 1500 kg

L x W x H: 4,50 x 1,50 x 1,90 m

Scissor-Platform (H60)

This platform can be used both indoors and outdoors useable, since it is very small and fits through every doorway.

Work height: 9,5 m
Platform height: 7,9 m
Max lift: 454 kg
Own weight: 2427 kg

L x W x H: 2,41 x 1,17 x 1,16 m

Telescopic-Platform (H70)

Because of its white tracks, the diesel powered telescopic work platform is ideal to work on off-road terrains. Despite the diesel engine it runs almost noiselessly.

Work height: 11,4 m
Platform height: 9,6 m
Horizontal reach: 8,3 m
Max lift: 200 kg
Own weight: 5400 kg

L x W x H: 5,25 x 2 x 2,3 m

Articulated-Platform (H80)

The articulated work platform is equipped with a 4×4 diesel engine providing big solutions. Note that it can only be transported on one of our semi-deep loaders.

Work height: 26 m
Platform height: 24,4 m
Max lift: 227 kg
Own weight: 17.010 kg

L x W x H: 11,27 x 2,50 x 3,00 m