Jan Kees Boer Transport is the address for oversized transport, on your own grounds and/or on public road. We possess licences overcoming restrictions on width, length and weight in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland for transports on short term. If these measurements or weights are exceeded by your load, we can arrange incidental permits to get your cargo at its destination.

Special trailers

To be able to carry out any oversized transport, we have, amongst others, teletrailers for loads up to 45 meters lenght, semi-low loaders up to 150 tonnes loadcapacity, and lowloaders with a loadcapacity of 120 tonnes.






Tilted loads

With our strong hydraulic tilt frame we can reduce the width of constructions to sizes that can be transported without escort and/or frustrating time-consuming exemption applications. An additional benefit is that loading and unloading can take place horizontally.

Tilted loading may also be the solution for small exit gates of a factory or train tracks/rail turnouts. We also have several fixed tiltframes to load up to 50 degrees angeled.







Heavy Transport

We have 2 modular trailers up to 19 axles at our disposal.

The trailers can be build up to a 16-axle semi low-loader or a multi-axle low loader.
Because axles can be removed / added, all kinds of combinations are possible to load every type of load properly without exceeding legal axle loads.






Internal transport

We have considerable experience with special transport within the confines of your own works/grounds. Due the fact that the moving speed is very low, the load capacity increased per axle so we can move loads up to 200 tonnes with our equipment.






Transport escort and traffic controllers

Your transport will be completely organized by JKB: reconnaissance of sites, application for necessary exemptions and our own transport escort and traffic controllers. We choose the best and
most direct route possible. If necessary we can provide up to 3 own escort vehicles.