Open transports

Jan Kees Boer Transport transports many of the loads on open trailers, whether or not covered. An additional specialization in this open transport are our high stakes, so full loads pipes can be safely transported. Similarly, the new trucks and flatbed trailers are extra low, so higher loads can be transported with standard trailers.

Exceptional Transports

Since its inception we have specialized in exceptional transport, with our own private transport escorts. We also specialize in loading and unloading with hydraulic cranes. These include proprietary terminals with various auxiliary materials. We possess licences overcoming restrictions on width, length and weight in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland for transports on short term. We are able to handle loads up to 150tons, 7,5m width and 40m length.

Courier Services

For urgent deliveries we have several small vehicles to deliver your goods as soon as possible in excellend condition at the place of destination.

For Rent

Jan Kees Boer Transport bv. has also a diverse assortiment of Forklifts (up to 12 tons) and Aerial Workplatforms (up to 25 m.) We can also provide you synthetic or ramps.